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Our teams across Europe are financial services specialists and work with businesses to provide people across the following verticals:


Looking at probability and risk in order to produce strategic recommendations for the future.


Ensuring businesses and organisations are financially healthy and able to meet their commitments.

Change & Transformation

Planning, organising and measuring complex change programmes that improve efficiency and growth.

Compliance & Financial Crime

Ensuring business adherence to financial authority governance and implementing strategies to detect and prevent financial crime.


Supporting business growth with clear financial oversight, strategies and data.

Risk Management & Quant

Identifying, prioritising and managing risks and assumptions that have an impact on strategies, projects and programmes.


In November 2014, Gee & Mal was set up after the news came out on Regulators fining financial services for mis selling of payment protection. The drive behind the business was to help the bank customer claim back their mis sold PPI.

That same year the business started looking into Compliance and Countering terrorist financing due the knowledge the Directors had while studying Security and Intelligence studies/ Counter terrorism etc, The news on terrorist financing was all over every where. The solution to avoid been a victim of fraud was to make sure that individual data was being protected and also to report any act of terrorist financing or activities to the authority.

As at 2019, the business through the KYC Associate had remediated bank customer account for clientele ranging from Deutsche bank, HSBC, KPMG, BNP Paribas Luxembourg, Ocorian Luxembourg SA and European Depositary Bank


Steve Makinde

Why G&M ?

We have the expertise to help you deliver projects, grow teams and accelerate business growth. As financial services recruitment specialists, we have an extensive network of skilled candidates, from graduates to C-suite, and a range of talent solutions to ensure you receive a service tailored for you. Whether you need a single employee or whole project team, we deliver people capable of making an impact from day one.

We are an Industry specialist

You’ll only ever work with a genuine sector specialist with a strong industry network.

You’ll always receive a quick response and be presented with the most relevant CVs.

We’ll work in partnership to plan, forecast and budget your hiring requirements

Simplify projects, deliver outcomes, empower clients with knowledge.

That’s our straightforward method for completing technology projects then setting our clients up for ongoing success.

No matter what your business needs, we can rapidly deploy a team that has been specifically chosen and tailored to the demands of your project.

After fully scoping the workload, challenges and risks of a project, we put together a specific roadmap for success with fully comprehensive deliverables and milestones to give you transparency and accurate oversight.

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Turnover & Growth

2021 was a challenging year for multiple reasons. But we managed to record a impressive turnover in our 11th year. We have reached 18.750 million (€) in turnover & 40 new employees.


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